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Navigation training

Tri-Logical’s Navigation Tracking & Safety Solution is a total suite for a navigation training commander and team. This solution’s tools monitor, alert and enable communication between a commander and navigation teams to improve safety. The system includes ruggedized light tracking devices providing a full week of tracking without recharging and command ruggedized mobile C2 tablets to monitor, debrief and train the navigation teams.

Key features

  • Increased field and HQ commander situation awareness
  • Increased navigation trainee safety
  • Worldwide tracking coverage (cellular & Satellite)
  • Improved ability to debrief navigations (real-time and history)
  • Ruggedized light weight devices
  • Full week of navigation without re-charging
  • Ensured data privacy & security
  • Easy deployment and system management

C2 mobile tablet

The mobile C2 station is based on a ruggedized Panasonic tablet or laptop enabling a commander in the field real-time monitoring  of all navigation teams and other supporting forces on a map. It provides end to end real-time telemetry layer for location, operational and safety information.

Company/Battalion workstation

This platoon/battalion C2 workstation is based on a laptop or desktop and can be set up anywhere. The workstations enable training set-up for multiple teams and areas; remote management of on-going training and full history; and non-real-time debriefing and statistics reports.

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