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Tri-Logical specializes in unique and customized solutions for fleet management. We offer a wide range of telemetry controllers that can be deployed on any type of mobile asset and provide worldwide connectivity for minimal cost. The telemetry controller integrates with multiple onboard sensors to provide a wide variety of information from the asset including safety, security and improved maintenance. The fleet management solution includes Tri-Logical’s Horizon Management System, a command and control software that provides remote monitoring and alerting, real-time tracking, route planning and optimization of  fleet operations.



  • Increase equipment utilization
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Increase safety
  • Improve management of real-time crises
  • Total Rate 360 – All-inclusive monthly rate, no additional charges


Monitor truck/bus location anytime anywhere. Improve situation awareness.

Set the system to notify in real-time key people by SMS and email on deviation from planned routes
Investigation tools to debrief accidents: time, location, driver, speed, etc. create a report
Require drivers to use tag id to identify in order to activate vehicle
Comparison tools to enable comparing planned route Vs actual route. Improve planning and driver behavior
Monitor assets with worldwide coverage. Hybrid solutions Cellular/Satellite to minimize airtime costs without losing track of asset
Build your routes and itinerary into the system, complete with workforce allocation. Follow progress of services. Get notification when deviation occur
Integrate your driver license onto the system, allowing automatic notifications when license expires + disable drivers from using equipment when license is lost
Get real-time information in dashboard on vehicle status. Including real-time millage, engine hours, battery levels, etc.
Get full range of reports on equipment usage, service times and workforce operation hours. Including fuel level reports, equipment availability and more

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