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Trilogical’s FreightShield solution is a freight securing and land monitoring solution that provides a reliable, robust and smart IoT service to protect valuable cargo during transportation across the world.

The solution includes heavy-duty electronic locks that communicates with an IoT management system and enable full control and visibility of all locks, locks status, tampering and geo-fencing alerts. The locks are unlocked electronically, either from the IoT system or from a secure smartphone Lock Manager application that enable authorized only personnel to unlock locks and logs every event (the person needs to be up to 10 meters from the lock to open it). 

This comprehensive solution is built specifically for dynamic freight operations that are looking to provide additional security layer to their freight operation and customers without hindering operational efficiency.   




Add security to each valuable freight shipment ​


Follow shipment location, alert on lock opening


Provide customer access to shipment status


  • Heavy duty ruggedized electronic lock
  • No need to manage lock keys
  • Anti-tampering alert
  • Transmit only when moving (power savings)
  • Real-time location
  • Weeks of operation time
  • Event logging
  • History debriefing
  • Customer portal
  • Remote opening of locks by authorized only personnel

FreightShield Brochure

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