About Us

Tri-Logical Technologies, founded in 1994 and privately owned, is a leader in mobile resource management solutions. All Tri-Logical products and solutions are designed and manufactured in our R&D center, enabling us to customize the highest quality solutions for our worldwide customers.

Tri-Logical’s solutions are implemented in large-scale global projects and used in mission-critical applications by defense & HLS organizations, and airport, train and transportation authorities.

The company’s turn-key projects are based on a deep understanding of each industry’s challenges and specific customer needs. For each industry, Tri-Logical develops a comprehensive solution to meet these challenges:

  • Defense & HLS: worldwide tracking, mapping, alerting with mobile command & control
  • Airports: sophisticated and cost-effective operations, workforce and fleet management
  • Trains: on-line condition status, predictive maintenance, real-time alerts
  • Transportation: route tracking, service management, billing, accident debriefing


Tri-Logical’s 20 year extensive experience with global customers and partners enables us to grow, strengthen and provide top industry benchmark products and services.

Today’s challenges are more complex in the Internet of Things (IoT) age in which huge amounts of data are produced. Real-time analysis to improve operations and cost effectiveness is what we do.

Tri-Logical is constantly investing in our products to provide better solutions.