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RailBlazer technology turns each railcar into a smart, digitally trackable machine

RailBlazer is the most intelligent IoT device for railcars to meet the growing demand for more reliable and safer rail freight.

Empower Maintenance

Optimize maintenance using mileage and smart sensor analysis. Improve responsiveness to health indicators, reducing disruptions and extending service intervals

Empower Operations

Improve railcar availability by realtime monitoring via Mesh, Satellite, and Cellular. Track precise location in shunting yard. Use statistics for smarter operations, boosting utilization and revenues

Empower Safety

Detect and alert on railcar condition abnormalities, unsafe loading, and excessive impacts in real time. Monitor EOT for improved safety

Empower Customer Satisfaction

Use smart data analysis to improve supply chain transparency. Offer realtime loading status and ETAs to keep shippers informed of shipment progress

RailBazer is a highly ruggedized IoT unit that provides full telemetry and railcar health data. The unit can be easily mounted on any railcar type, including fuel/gas tanks and requires zero maintenance with a running life of 6 years.

RailBlazer contains smart hybrid connectivity (Cellular & proprietary Mesh) to reduce communication costs and ensure global coverage.

The unit interfaces with a variety of BLE sensors to provide full information on railcar health, status, and safety.

RailBlazer integrates with Trilogical’s Control FREAK Freight platform providing end to end solution for mobile asset management, freight operations optimization and railcar maintenance efficiency enhancement. The unit can be integrated with the third party C2 systems in the cloud or on-prem.

Main functionality​

Groundbreaking Connected Railcars System (CRS) powered by proprietary Mesh Technology

Experience advantages of the low energy consuming dynamic network connecting all cars on a train and the locomotive without setup hassles – just “Plug & Play”!Seamless synchronization forms a virtual network, providing realtime data on connected railcars and their positioning in the trainset, and allowing instant safety alerts to the driver on critical failures and End-of-Train events with no cellular coverage dependency!Connected Railcars System (CRS) is a game changer in rail freight reliability and safety.


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