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Control FREAK- Freight

Rail freight optimization management system

Control Freak for Rail freight

Control Freak for rail freight is a total solution for rail freight operators. This system optimizes freight operations and getting more value from existing rail freight fleet.


Control FREAK for FREIGHT – designed to afford you ultimate control of your freight operations. Incorporating management of wagon station distribution, planning of trains and shipments and help reduce maintenance cost with innovative IoT technology.  The system uses data integration, IoT devices and mesh technology to provide a highly cost-effective solution.


  • Optimization of wagon usability
  • Maximize Ton to KM
  • Condition Based maintenance for wagons and locomotives
  • Improve service to end customers
  • Minimize Energy Consumption
  • Safety solutions for end of train detachment


  • Train planning
  • Management of wagon status and location
  • Shipments online tracking application
  • Prediction of future shipments based on past shipments data
  • Real-time rolling stock tracking
  • Wagon and locomotive monitoring
  • Smart security locks for valuable freight
  • Automatic capture of real-wagon order per train
  • Automatic end of train detachment alert

Control FREAK - Freight Brochure

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