Smart wire lock

Remote safety lock for any purpose

The smart wire lock is a special heavy-duty flexible lock that provides full remote control over any asset that needs to be locked and monitored. The lock supports multiple technologies like Cellular, Bluetooth, RF and SMS and enable full control and security. At under 1 KG it has the perfect balance between size and usability. The lock provides real-time location, alerts on lock status and anti-tampering and ability to unlock remotely. The lock integrates with Trilogical’s management system for full control and security of valuables. 

Key features

  • Heavy duty rugged electronic lock
  • No keys
  • Anti-tampering alert
  • Real-time location
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Event logging
  • History debriefing
  • Mobile application
  • Remote opening of locks by authorized only personnel


Dimension(L×W×H): 123mm*93Mmm*49mm
Shackle: wire cable, 7mm 
Weight: 700 gr
Material: Aluminium alloy
LED display glass plate
Casing: silicon
Charging voltage 5V
Battery capacity: 6,400 mah
Cellular/GPS Antenna: Integrated internal antenna
2G/4G LTE (optional)
GSM bands: Quad band: 850, 900,  1800,  1900
SIM slot: Micro SIM card
Casing protection level: IP67
Working temperature: -20C / +70C
Storage temperature: -40C/ +85C

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