Hybrid Rekem


Built for reliable and accurate tracking and telemetry in extreme environments, the REKEM unit is a highly ruggedized MIL-STD unit that can be installed on any military armored and security vehicles. The device supports hybrid smart communication (Stellate/Cellular) to reduce communication costs but provide worldwide coverage.

The REKEM can be customized for unique installation and data capture requirements found in military, government and civilian applications. The unit supports encryption capabilities, AES 256 (optional), and ability to integrate with onboard sensors in the vehicles (optional). The PLP-H unit is implemented as part of a Command & Control platform and is fully integrated with many C2 solutions


  • Real-time Positioning information using 50 channel embedded GPS receiver
  • Rechargeable battery (12-15 hours in full operational mode)
  • Hybrid communication (Cellular 2G/3G/4G and Satellite Iridium)
  • AES-based encrypted communication (optional)
  • Distress button
  • Over The Air Programming (OTAP)
  • Integration to onboard sensors (optional)
  • Emergency/Distress push button
  • Embedded Movement Sensor
  • Ruggedized casing – shock-resistant to 18g
  • Secure attachment hardware
  • Easily installed


Dimensions: 120x170x250mm
Enclosure: Ruggedized metal casing with shock resistance (18G)
Weight: 1.5Kg (include battery)
Digital inputs: 5 Inputs for general use.
Frequency inputs: 2 ADC 10 bit resolution
Digital outputs: 3 for general use, active low
Status LED’s: 6 statuses LED’s supporting GPS status, Cellular com and Power.
Auxiliary Power: 5VDC@1A
SIM: Micro SIM
USB: USB On The Go (master/slave)
RS232: Multifunctional connector
Power input: 9-36 VDC 
Rechargeable battery (optional): LI-IO/LI-PO 2500MAH
Cellular GPRS/GSM/WCDMA: Telit HE910 4G 
Satellite: IRIDIUM SBD9603
Cellular CDMA2000 (optional): CTM-680
GPS & GLONASS: Telit SL869 
GPS (optional): ORG447
Processors: PIC32 Main, PIC24 secondary 
Program Memory : 64K RAM
EEPROM (Logger): 256 KB
Expansion (Logger): 2Mbyte/16Mbyte (optional)
Accelerometer: 3- Axis built in sensor
Operating temperature: -20 – + 70 ©