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UAV/Drone Tracking

Tri-Logical’s UAV/Drone tracking solution is an advanced miniature tracker device to find lost UAV/Drones as well as a tactical C2 platform. The miniature tracker is mounted on a UAV/Drone to provide tracking and listening capabilities when RF communication between station and UAV/Drone is broken (NLOS). The device is independent and does not require any integration to the UAV/Drone. Theminiature tracker device transmits its location separately from the drone system over cellular networks. Itworks worldwide and comes with a rechargeable battery for extended working hours to cover full flight time. The system includes cybersecurity capabilities to protect critical data.

Key features

  • Standalone miniature tracker (50 gr)
  • 10 working hours (can be extended with additional battery)
  • GSM/GPRS cellular quad bands
  • Audio channel (operated remotely by phone)
  • Start transmission on conditions: speed, location, etc.
  • Transmission log
  • Provide location and altitude
  • Real-time alerts: Geo-fencing, altitude
  • AES 256 message encryption
  • Remote erasure of onboard data

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