Controlling mobile assets can be very complex and inefficient. By embedding our solutions you get a powerful system that helps you manage your assets, eliminate safety incidents, react in time to situations and reduce your costs by better understanding your operations.


Get real-time information from our state of the art devices placed on each asset. Have full control over your equipment and workforce.


Improve your asset day to day life by eliminating safety situations, enforcement of regulations and better maintenance


Our BI module enables deep analysis of all aspects of your operations. These insights provide better understanding of your operations and improve decision making.

Remote Vehicle Diagnostic Monitoring System

The AVDS provides an advanced set of real time diagnostic tools for train operators, and maintenance staff to enable precise monitoring and execution of planned timetable, monitoring driver's behavior and overcoming challenges and failures in real time. The system provides integrations to TMS.

Tactical Command & Control Solution

The TCCS is a tactical systems for Defense, Security, HLS and first responder's organizations. It provides an advanced set of tools for tracking assets with worldwide coverage, ruggedized, MIL-STD encapsulation and encryptions abilities. The system is a combination of a state of the art tracking and monitoring equipment with a strong C4I management system.

Airport Mobile Asset Solution

The AMAS solution provides an advanced system (Hardware & Software) for airport operators and ground handlers to monitor & manage GSEs, streamline operational processes and provide safer environment for mobile workforce.

Enhanced control of your transportation fleet

The CIT solution provides a comprehensive operational suit that includes managing: customers, sales, billing, cash bags, mobile security workforce and armored trucks. Following your assets, alerts in critical points.

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