Resource Allocation Module

In a dynamic environment where operations tend to exceed their planning, where resources constantly change and move between assignments, where time is a crucial factor, a clear view of current status is required alongside the ability to react.

The resource allocation module’s tools allocate resources (HR and equipment) for daily operations and services, monitor services progress, enable resource changes in real-time and provide risk management tools when things go wrong.

The module provides full reports on services provided, operator working hours, and more.


Enable allocating equipment to services according to vehicle capabilities, prior usage and more.
Enable allocating HR to services based on licenses, capacities and availability of resources
The risk indicators help in management of services that exceed their planned time and resource. This helps to cope with dynamic service environments.
The module trigger alerts on double booking of resources.
The module tracks equipment and HR working hours, engine hours and assignment to service and provides reports to help balance your asset usage.
Show resource previous and next allocated assignments to help select the best option for allocation.