Miniature personal tracking device

The TRIMP is a miniature personal tracking device. It is most commonly used with Public Safety applications for control over ground forces and field personnel in any geographical environment with cellular coverage. The device is highly ruggedized, suitable for harsh environments. This lightweight device makes use of the GSM/GPRS network to deliver location

Data and emergency distress signals to the Command & Control center. The device has optional encryption capability (AES 256)

Main features Trimp
  • Real-time Positioning information using 50 channel embedded GPS receiver
  • Rechargeable battery (12-15 hours in full operational mode)
  • Wireless communication layer supporting GSM/GPRS
  • AES-based encrypted communication
  • Pre-configured messages button
  • Vibrator indication
  • Over The Air Programming (OTAP)
  • Emergency/Distress push button
  • Embedded Movement Sensor
  • Network status indicator
  • Low battery indicator
  • GPS status indicator

Technical info Trimp
Dimensions: 27x43x70mm
Enclosure: Hardened plastic
Weight: 68gr (including battery)
Buttons: On/Off, Distress, 2 message buttons
Status LEDs: 3 indication LEDs : GPS, Cellular, Energy (Battery Charging, Low battery)
Charge inlet: Micro USB (Waterproof)
Serial port: For external devices and telemetry (available only in optional casing )
Rechargeable battery: Lithium polymer 1100mah
Processor: PIC 32 & PIC 24
Program Memory: 256KByte
SRAM: 64KByte
EEPROM: 1024Kb
Logger: 1200 location records
GPS receiver: ORG4472
Cellular modem: Telit GE865
Cellular Card: SIM
Vibrator: Yes
Motion Sensor: Yes
Charger: BQ24032 Li-Ion/Li-Po battery Charger
GPS Antenna: Internal passive antenna
Cellular Antenna: Integrated internal antenna
Operating temperature: -20°/+70° C