Service Management Module

The service management module provides planners and dispatchers ability to manage all services both in the planning stage and in real-time. This module enables building services and SLA/SOP into the system, attach resources and follow their progress in real time. It provides visual view of all the operations with indications on resources, times, changes, locations and problems.

It enables resource allocation of people, teams and equipment to services.

The system can integrate with 3rd party system to import and export information.

The module has built-in flexibility to accommodate customers' workflows, information and regulations.

The module provide several ways to manage events and services like Gantt, list and form views.
The module enable creating alerts based on changes and status of services. In addition it provides risk management factors.
Relate services and events to geographical locations.
Monitor progress of services in real-time. The system provides information on collision between services.
Built pre-define SLA/SOP into the system to be launched on automatic triggers or imported information. Helps management of events in real-time.