Railways BI module

Control FREAK’s innovative BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE MODULE  is the driving force required for Condition based PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE – aimed at vastly enhancing Real-Time decision making.  

How do you transform massive amounts of data into usable information?

How do you connect it all together, producing a clear picture from which decisions can be made and immediately implemented onto your operations?

Maintenance decision support plays a major role in the improvement of maintenance management systems and is crucial in order to achieve predictive maintenance.

Smart Business Intelligence tools enable you to become proactive rather than reactive.

Assuring that the right decisions will be taken at any time and in any event.

The BI module provides deep analysis, indicating present trends and re-occurring problems. The combination of sensorial, environmental and operational data results in  smart and powerful diagnostics.

The powerful BI module enables a multiple range of users to benefit and learn from the accurately processed data and act on analyzed information.

The many types of data analyses include:

  • on-time performance evaluation
  • train conditions by categories
  • detailed failures and logs
  • mechanical failures
  • availability of trains
  • locations and lines
  • various trends
  • comparison between different periods of time based on maintenance activities

These analyses deliver all necessary information for  managing priorities based on periodical trends, the main causes of delays or reduction of fleet availability or degradation of level of service -  in accordance with the client company's dynamic targets.

The goal of the BI module is to provide advanced data acquisition integrated with operational information and smart data analytics – to RAMP UP PROFITABILITY.

by variant filtering of multiple dimensions, using several formats of display forms. The user can filter the data on the fly, in just one view and receive the results accordingly in other forms in order to find the right trend that may help to understand the major causes for the investigated behavior.
connects different data sources from multiple interfaces, including operations, schedule, maintenance management system, ERP and more. Provides both a clear picture and/or optional link between one or more causes from different areas of interest.
updating information in Real-Time from multiple sources assists in restoring the exact environmental condition at any point in the time line for accurate debriefing of each and every failure.
built-in add-ons enable advanced analysis by time (as per days in a week or even a specific hour in a day) and investigation of logical functions on each of the monitored fields.
The tool enables users to define graphs, trends and filters to be analyzed.
the module enables creation of ad hoc and automatic reports based on user defined filters.