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Remote Vehicle Diagnostic Monitoring System is an advanced real-time monitoring system for trains, enabling maintenance on demand and aimed at increasing the net operating time of the fleet.



For over 2 decades TriLogical has been developing smart Mobile Assets Management & Monitoring solutions that deliver customized diagnostics and real-time alerts. We specialize in studying each customer’s specific needs and translating them into comprehensive packages that fully and easily integrate into onsite 3rd party sensors and systems. Both our satellite and cellular solutions (based on flexible hardware and software) are suitable for all environments – no matter how harsh and challenging. 




Control FREAK    – the innovative solution for PROACTIVE condition based maintenance for Railways. Cuts costs of rail-car maintenance, spare parts and HR and increases availability and reliability of trains. 

No detail goes unnoticed

No data slips through the cracks


Control FREAK, which integrates with TCMS, is a highly advanced set of Real-Time diagnostic tools designed for train operators and maintenance staff that provides non-stop precise monitoring and smart analytical reporting of every aspect of the Railway. Enables predictive maintenance on demand, overcoming challenges and failures as they arise, and is aimed at increasing the net operating time of the fleet.


This comprehensive solution consists of a sophisticated on-board communication unit (LTC10), an advanced platform for real-time information analysis and Driver Advisory Application that provides near real-time notifications to the driver. It assures execution of planned timetables, and also monitors driver’s behavior.


Control FREAK is a modular, multi-layered solution including:

  • Monitoring layer of train conditions
  • Debriefing module
  • Business Intelligence module for data analytics
  • Mobile applications for technicians
  • Interfaces to external data sources: on track diagnostic systems and all legacy systems such as schedule and dispatch, maintenance management, PIS, control centers etc.

The management console enables easy definition of vehicle types, sensors and alerts. It incorporates a rule-based engine for generating alerts based on sensors’ conditions and operational information.


Control FREAK is the most cost-effective solution on the market. It is quickly deployable, and provides immediate benefits by reducing manpower and increasing the reliability and availability of the fleet.

  •  Increases train availability to achieve higher fleet annual mileage
  • Improves maintenance efficiency, reduces costs of unnecessary maintenance cycles, saves on spare parts and prevents premature replacement of old vehicles
  • Improves reliability
  • Improves driver awareness of train conditions
  • Improves technician productivity by utilizing mobile application and accurate information regarding faults and failures – also provides recommendations for appropriate action
  • Improves train safety (via the real-time fault monitoring system, and immediate relay of data to the control center)
  • Increases quality of service and comfort for the passengers

uses the existing TCMS system and the LTC10 to analyze information near real-time and relays the data via the internal 2G/3G/4G modem. The system can be easily configured by a professional team to support new vehicle types, sensors, alerts and rules. The data is prominently displayed on the back-office application (HMC) and can also be used for debriefing and documentation. Monitoring is mandatory to support predictive, proactive maintenance. .
is used for Data Analytics based on several indicators and measurements aimed at reducing repeated failures and maintenance costs, identification of trends, as well as increasing reliability and maintenance efficiency.
this application is based on information received both from the train and the operational center - including scheduling and speed limits. The driver receives information about maximum permitted speed as well as notifications near real-time about the train’s condition together with
recommendations as how best to handle the event. The application simultaneously increases safety and driver's situation awareness.
delivers the information gathered from the train in addition to professional information and task descriptions. Assures higher quality of maintenance work, productivity and efficiency.
the flexibility of configuration, integration and customization plus the range of optional deployments by layers - as service or stand-alone onsite installation - guarantees speedy and extremely economical deployment.

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