Proactive maintenance module

Reaching to higher maintenance efficiency was always the key to increase both the railway operator's profitability and the passenger's satisfaction in addition to safety and green environment as important factors of today railway operators' changes.

The increasing demand for additional services with the limited infrastructure and available rail-cars pushes the maintenance provider to increase their efficiency by moving from traditional time based maintenance towards more economical Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) or Proactive Maintenance. (PM)

The CBM module enables maintenance on demand for higher availability and reliability of the fleet by moving from scheduled maintenance no matter the train condition to proactive maintenance based on the train health. Real-time monitoring based system enable to get information about sensors, alerts, failures, analyzed risks and notification in advance on required maintenance treatments based condition and prioritization for higher availability.

The RVDMS was developed for CBM based on real-time information from rolling stock combined with integrated information from operations, maintenance management systems and environmental conditions.

The RVDMS provides a single platform for real-time alerts, failure detection, sensor analytics and suggested actions. It's now possible to analyze the information as one big picture where each stakeholder receives the information it requires and increase rolling stock availability and reliability and reduce the in-depot time.

An accurate data analytics is the key for reliable decisions. The RVDMS enable to integrate information from multiple sources in order to provide more accurate data analytics and be capable of managing the risks and their severity. The location, the temperature outside the train, speed, weight, number of coaches and the last time the train was maintained or distance from last treatment are an examples for necessary information the RVDMS uses in order to provide reliable data analyses.
Build your own alert rules based on real experience and challenges of your rolling stock operations. Actual Parking Brake can be active as long the train is parking but should generate an alert if it's in moving; the stairs can be open if the doors are open and speed is 0– by using RVDMS the user can define logical rules between digital and analog sensors to generate new alerts for complex conditions.
The system provides user friendly real-time visualization of all rolling stock vehicles including sensor status, failures distribution and prioritized alerts. This enable dispatchers to quickly control unforeseen problems and react in time.
The RVDMS gather alerts, failures and logs including the environmental condition into one big-data storage. The automation of data recording is mandatory in presenting BI or correct view of the fleet condition as a trend or current status. The RVDMS promise that no piece of data would be ignored including manual notes from the hotline team as they verify the failure with the driver or technician on-board
The system reports directly, manually or automatically to the MMS and receives feedback about the planned maintenance schedule and work orders. By Sharing the information among the technicians, hotline team and dispatchers it's easier to set priorities and manage the maintenance plan efficiently.
Shows trend and performance in dynamic view for multiple dimensions including time, categories, failures, paths, drivers, cars and more. The RVDMS BI tools is the best way to define and track measurements of the maintenance quality and the equipment reliability.