LTC 10

Advanced Locomotive Telemetry Controller

The LTC10 is an advanced mobile control and diagnostic device based on a reliable micro-controller for train environment. This unit was specifically designed to be part of Tri-logical’s RVDMS (Remote Vehicle Diagnostic Monitoring System) and can be fully integrated with all locomotive and coaches types.

The LTC10 is a result of years of accumulated experience with the train industry and is designed to support the specific operational needs of rail operators. It is a third generation hybrid device that provides a variety of tools and capabilities to adhere to all operational and maintenance requirements.

Key features


  • Remote monitoring based serial interfaces and sensors
  • Internal logger for continuous recording
  • Dynamic query on demand for efficient real time diagnostics
  • Interface to signaling black box
  • Fusion of location, speed, driver identification and alerts for advanced analysis capabilities


  • Serial interfaces to the train computer
  • Protocol analyzer for advanced queries
  • Digital and analog I/Os to external sensors
  • Pulse meter for odometer reading


  • Bi-directional communication
  • Hybrid communication, cellular and satellite
  • GPS and GLONASS support
  • Over the air programing
  • Encryption (AES256) capability


  • Ruggedized unit fits EN50155 and EN61373 standards for train environment
  • Low power consumption with internal battery for continuous communication
  • Simple installation

Technical info
Dimension: 13.5*8*4.5 (CM)
Enclosure: ruggedized plastic car kit box
Weight: 300 gr
Digital inputs: 5 (1 high, 4 low) Inputs for general use.
Frequency inputs: 2 ADC 10 bit resolution
Digital outputs: 3 for general use, active low
Status LEDs: 6 status LEDs for GPS status, Cellular communication and more.
Power input: 12V/24V
GPS receiver :
• Telit Sl869 (GPS + GLONASS)
• Origin org447x (GPS)
• Telit HE910 (GPS/A-GPS)
Cellular modem:
• Telit HE910 3.5G GPRS/GSM Quad Band.
• CDMA2000
SIM card: Micro SIM
Satellite modem: Iridium SBD 9603
USB: USB On The Go (master/slave)
Communications: UDP over GPRS, SMS messages, Voice
Accelerometer: 3- Axis built in sensor,0.01G resolution
Interfaces: RS485,R232, ACC interface, Battery, gauges, etc.