Hybrid PLP

Personal hybrid tracking device - Satellite/Cellular

The PLP-H unit is a personal hybrid (Satellite & Cellular) tracking device. It is most commonly used with critical applications for control over ground forces and field personnel in any geographical environment. The PLP-H unit is implemented as part of a Command & Control platform and is fully integrated with many C2 solutions. The locator unit provides commanders with real-time monitoring and control capabilities for all personnel. This lightweight and ruggedized device makes use of a GSM/GPRS and Iridium networks to deliver location data and emergency distress signals to the Command & Control center. The device is ruggedized and suitable to work in Mil-STD environments. The device has been deployed by multiple customers ranging from defense forces to search and rescue teams

Main features PLP-H
  • Real-time Positioning information using 50 channel embedded GPS
  • Satellite communication through SBD (Iridium)
  • Cellular communication GSM/GPRS quad band
  • Bi-directional messaging
  • Distress button
  • Ruggedized casing
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Smart power management

Technical info Trimp
Power transmission (MAX): 1.6W
Cellular modem type: Telit GE865
SIM: Regular SIM card
Frequency of operation: Quad 800Mhz-900Mhz, 1800Mhz-1900Mhz
Stability of Frequency : 2ppm
Type of modulation: GSMGPRS TDMA Modulation
Receiving sensitivity: -107dbm
Operation Temperature: -10 °C - +70°C
Transmit Protocol: UDP , SMS
Ports: 5 Analog Input / Serial Port RS232
Frequency of operation: 1616Mhz-1626.5Mhz
Stability of Frequency : 2ppm
Receiving sensitivity: -117dbm
Operation Temperature: -10 °C - +70°C
Transmit Protocol: IRIDIUM
Accelerometer type: 3-Axis up to +/-16G
Dimension: 47x75x145mm
Enclosure: : Ruggedized plastic + rubber
Weight: : 480gr (including battery)
Battery: : Rechargeable removable 2500maH Li-ion/Li-ion-Polymer
Operating temperature: 0c-70c
Storage Temperature: -20c +80c
Resistance: IP65