Hybrid Centaur

Vehicle hybrid tracking device

The Centaur-H is a next generation hybrid smart controller device for mobile assets. The unit can integrate with multiple type sensors and on-board computers to provide real-time analysis of the vehicle status. The device provides worldwide hybrid communication capabilities, Cellular (4G) and satellite (Iridium), extremely accurate location systems (GPS and GLONASS) to assure continual communication and control over any location on the planet. The device’s core is built around fast duel processors providing robust diagnostic abilities such as fuel management, temperature control, driver behavior and access control. Communication with the device is bi directional thus enabling over-the-air-programming and remote configuration of the unit. The Centaur is commonly integrated with Tril-ogical’s control and management applications. It is applicable both for the civilian market (trains, public transportation, and private vehicles) and the defense (in ruggedized mode) and HLS markets.

Main features Hybrid Centaur
  • Hybrid communication Cellular (4G) and Satellite (Iridium)
  • Optimized vehicle positioning system (GPS and GLONASS), 50 channels.
  • External antennas for maximum reception
  • Access control module (Driver ID reader)
  • Distress button
  • Can be linked to multiple types of sensors (Odometer, ID readers, Thermometer, SOS button, etc.)
  • Large onboard memory
  • Over the air programing (OTAP)
  • Dual processors (PIC32 and PIC 24)
  • Built in motion sensor
  • Remote vehicle disabling
  • Easy deployment

Technical info Hybrid Centaur
Dimension: 13.5*8*4.5 (CM)
Enclosure: Ruggedized plastics
Weight: 230 gr
Digital inputs: 5 Inputs for general use.
Frequency inputs: 2 ADC 10 bit resolution
Digital outputs: 3 for general use, active low
Status LED’s: 6 statuses LED’s supporting GPS status, Cellular com and Power.
Auxiliary Power: 5VDC@1A
SIM: Micro SIM
USB: USB On The Go (master/slave)
RS connections: RS 232, RS485
Power input: 9-36 VDC
Rechargeable battery (optional): LI-IO/LI-PO 2500MAH
Cellular: Telit HE910 GPRS/GSM/WCDMA/LTE
Satellite: IRIDIUM SBD9603
GPS & GLONASS: Telit SL869
GPS (optional): ORG447
Processors: PIC32 Main, PIC24 secondary
Program Memory: 64K RAM
EEPROM (Logger): 256 KB
Expansion (Logger): 2Mbyte/16Mbyte (optional)
Accelerometer: 3- Axis built in sensor
Operating temperature: -20 - + 70 ©