GSE 10

Advance telemetry controller for GSEs

The GSE10 is an advanced control and diagnostic device for mobile assets in an airport environment. This unit was specifically designed to be part of Tri-logical’s AMAS (Airport Mobile Assets Solution) system and can be fully integrated with all GSE types. The device provides accurate GPS location (50 channels) and a 2G/3G/4G cellular modem. The device comes in a ruggedized box to ensure working in the harsh conditions of the airside. The device can integrate to multiple onboard sensors on the GSE to get real-time status from any sensor available. The device has also an advanced access control module that enables complex, high number of operators IDs to be managed and controlled from the unit itself.

Key features


  • Access control by ID tags
  • Remote disabling feature
  • Restricted area monitoring: enter, exit, parking
  • Real-time Speeding notification


  • Integration to onboard sensors: ACC, battery fuel, speedometer, engine hours, etc.
  • Integration to external sensors: ID reader, doors, sirens, temperature, etc.
  • Distress button
  • Buzzer notification to driver


  • Bi-directional communication with unit
  • Cellular 2G/3G/4G support
  • GPS and GLONASS support
  • Over-the-air programing capabilities


  • Ruggedized unit fits airport environment
  • Smart power consumption to extend battery life
  • Simple installation

Technical info Trimp
Dimension: 13.5*8*4.5 (CM)
Enclosure: ruggedized plastic car kit box
Weight: 300 gr
Digital inputs : 5 (1 high, 4 low) Inputs for general use.
Frequency inputs: 2 ADC 10 bit resolution
Digital outputs: 3 for general use, active low
Status LEDs: 6 status LEDs for GPS status, Cellular communication and more.
Power input: 12V/24V
GPS receiver:
• Telit Sl869 (GPS + GLONASS)
• Origin org447x (GPS)
• Telit HE910 (GPS/A-GPS)
Cellular modem:
• Telit HE910 3.5G GPRS/GSM Quad Band.
• CDMA2000.
SIM card: Micro SIM
Satellite modem: Iridium SBD 9603
USB: USB On The Go (master/slave)
Communications: UDP over GPRS, SMS messages, Voice
Accelerometer: 3- Axis built in sensor,0.01G resolution
Car interface: RS485,R232, ACC interface, Battery, gauges, etc.