Situation awareness

Full tactical command and control suit. Real-time location of all assets worldwide (Cellular and Satellite). Complete with ruggedized tracker devices and mobile workstations

Navigation training

Knowing your navigator location is not enough. Ability to compare planned route Vs. actual, history route debriefing, safety alerts and 3D route training complete this suit

Perimeter control

Full view of all mobile assets in your site. Compare planned patrol plans to actual. A full event management module with built in SOP templates to enable dispatchers quick and efficient management of unexpected events in real-time

Improve situation awareness. Monitor all assets over any type of map in real-time
Build SOPs into the system and trigger in real-time based on alerts and other sensors
Debrief past movement/usage of each asset. Helps in debriefing accidents, provide driver behavior information to complete picture
Build restricted areas over geographical map. Add safety rules to each one (enter, exit, etc.) to trigger alerts and notifications
Powerful tools to monitor and debrief training. Plan navigational routes and compare to actual routes taken
Worldwide map, online and offline. Support all types of maps, satellite images and intelligence add-ons
The system can integrate with any cellular device to provide full coverage
The system can integrate with any satellite device to provide full coverage
All tri-logical devices are built for MIL-STD environments. Our trackers are being used by defense forces and security professional

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