Access control module

The module provides a very robust access control module that enables total control over equipment usage and driver licenses. It enables elimination of unauthorized equipment usage, ability to easily manage and follow operator's license lifecycle and give you a clear picture of who uses the equipment at any time. The module includes a verity of ID readers attached to the vehicle and a robust license management tool in the access control software. Each operator is equipped with a personal ID key and required to identify himself before vehicle activation. The module enable different levels of restriction from limited authorizations to total block of equipment. The system can automatically remove driver from authorized list when license expires and generate alert.

The system can manage on devices list of over 1000 drivers
Build/import your employees drivers licenses into the system and the system will automatically alert in expired licenses, remove drivers from authorized lists
The system allows to disable a vehicle remotely
The module allows to set different policies to different vehicles by allowing only specific drivers to use the equipment. For example: only maintenance department.
The system supports multiple ID tags ranging from Dallas keys to HID. Each driver is provided with a tag that identifies him when activating the vehicle.
Because each driver needs to identify in order to activate vehicle all his driving history is recorded and can be used for later examination.